Have you already indulged on the premiere and are already looking forward to Tower of God season 2 episode 2?

Season two started off with a bang for fans of the Tower of God series, both introducing new faces and welcoming back old ones on premiere night.

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The “Return of the Prince” arc explores the fallout from Baam’s original climb. New characters with secrets join the power struggle, hinting at the Tower’s true purpose and Zahard’s motives.

If you don’t want to miss the next episode, keep reading to find out the release date for Tower of God season 2 episode 2 and where to watch it. All of this information you can find below.

Tower of God season 2 episode 1 recap

Tower of God season 2 episode 2 Baam mid-attack
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Six years after falling down the Tower, Baam (now under the alias Jue Viole Grace) is a strong wave controller working for FUG, an organization against the King.

We meet Ja Wangnan, struggling to pass the 20th floor’s difficult exam. In the final test, they end up in a waiting room with a powerful fighter, a lost girl, and her caretaker. Trouble arrives with an aggressive player, sparking a fight where Viole reveals his affiliation with FUG.

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Ja Wangnan barely escapes Viole’s attack as the round ends, leaving Viole to reflect on his past.

Tower of God season 2 episode 2 release date and schedule

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The second episode airs on Sunday, July 14, 2024, at 11:00 p.m. (JST) Japanese Standard Time.

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The exact release times for international viewers vary based on their time zone.

GMT+810:00 p.m.
ET (Eastern Time)10:00 a.m.
PT (Pacific Time)7:00 a.m.
CT (Central Time)9:00 a.m.
GMT (Western European Time)2:00 p.m.
CEST (Central European Summer Time)4:00 p.m.
IST (Indian Standard Time)7:30 a.m.

Where to watch Tower of God

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Tower of God season 2 is available on Crunchyroll.

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