The theatre of war is opening its curtains soon.

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War, the final arc of the legendary manga, will last four separate cours, according to Oricon.

This means Bleach fans will get a steady drip of TYBW for at least two years if each cour is at least one season apart. The final run time of Bleach will come in at about 50 episodes, covering 206 chapters.

Fans will get a steady drip of content, instead of needing to sit themselves through fillers to consume the canon goodies.

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War announcement comes with new trailer

A new trailer also dropped to give us more glimpses of the preface leading up to the Blood War. Eagle-eyed manga fans will notice several characters that kickstarted the events, including new Shinigamis and Quincies, plus a host of returning characters from our beloved Karakura Town inhabitants to Hueco Mundo’s Arrancars.

If you want a spoiler-free experience, avoid most of the trailers. Most of them has shown little regard for keeping plot points in check, generally assuming that its viewers are fans of the original material.

The TYBW arc is set to air October 10 in Japan, though there has been no news of a streaming platform taking on Bleach globally.

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