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The Attack on Titan franchise sees Eren Yeager and the Survey Corps slaying hordes of bloodthirsty giants.

While countless titans appear in the manga and the anime, nothing beats the presence of the nine superpowered titans.

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These variants have unique powers that make them formidable foes of the Survey Corps, but their inheritors often revert back to their human forms to blend into the crowd.

Here’s a complete list of all nine intelligent titans in Attack on Titan, including their powers and inheritors.

Warning: Major spoilers if you haven’t watched up until Attack on Titan season 4 Part 2.

List of all 9 titans in Attack on Titan and their powers

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  • Armored Titan
  • Attack Titan
  • Beast Titan
  • Cart Titan
  • Colossus Titan
  • Female Titan
  • Founding Titan
  • Jaw Titan
  • War Hammer Titan

Armored Titan

Armor Titan from Attack on Titan game
Credit: Koei Tecmo

The Armored Titan is one of the first members of the Nine Titans to be introduced in the series, alongside the Colossus Titan. Throughout the whole series, Reiner Braun is the sole inheritor of the Armored Titan.

First seen in the Fall of Wall Maria, the Armored Titan possesses tough skin plates all over its body. Survey Corps members struggled to penetrate the plates with their ultrahard steel blades.

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The heavy armor plates do come with one downside. When fully protected, the Armored Titan has a slower moving speed than other titans. However, the user can choose to shed certain armor plates to reduce their weight and increase their speed.

On top of armor plates, the titan can create crystal-like hardening around his body. During the Battle of Shiganshina, he made crystal claws to scale the city walls.

Attack Titan

Eren as the Attack Titan for the nine titans in Attack on Titan
Credit: Official AOT site

The Attack Titan has the unique ability of future memory inheritance.

While all Nine Titans can receive the memories of past inheritors, only the Attack Titan can receive memories of future inheritors. Because of its unique power, the titan is said to have fought for freedom across many generations.

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In the Marley flashback at the end of season 3, undercover Eldian spy and Attack Titan inheritor Eren Kreuger saved Eren’s dad, Grisha, and talked about saving Armin and Mikasa despite not knowing them. The message actually came from Grisha himself years later after he inherited the titan.

Following Grisha, Eren Yeager is the current user of the Attack Titan, and has shown its various abilities throughout the series. The titan can create crystal-like hardening on its body as well as quickly regenerate body parts.

Beast Titan

Beast Titan from Attack on Titan game
Credit: Koei Tecmo

If you couldn’t already tell by its name, the Beast Titan is quite the animal.

In the case of Zeke Yeager’s Beast Titan, it has an ape-like appearance, with fur all over its body except for its chest, face, and abdomen. Prior to Zeke’s inheritance, the Beast Titan took on the appearance of a goat with horns.

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Most of the Beast Titan’s powers actually come from Zeke and his background. With his royal blood, the Beast Titan has the ability to scream and turn Subjects of Ymir, the ethnic group that descended from Ymir Fritz, into titans. However, it will only work if the subject has consumed Zeke’s spinal fluid.

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Once turned, the Beast Titan can momentarily command the titans. He can even have them resist the urge to eat humans.

Since Zeke grew up playing catch, he can unleash powerful throws in his titan form. This is seen during the Battle of Shiganshina, where he wiped out most of the Survey Corps with crushed rocks.

Cart Titan

Inherited by Marleyan soldier Pieck Finger, the Cart Titan excels in mobility and endurance.

During battle, the Cart Titan is often treated like a vehicle, swiftly transporting soldiers in and out of firefights. It moves in a quadrupedal form and can scale buildings and walls.

The Cart Titan also wears a harness that can hold various weapons, such as a machine gun or an anti-titan cannon.

Because of its increased endurance, Pieck can stay in her titan form for months. As a side effect, the soldier walks with a crutch or on all fours because she often forgets how to normally walk.

Colossus Titan

The Colossus Titan is the biggest of the Nine Titans, towering over cities at a whopping 60 meters.

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Its first inheritor, Bertholdt Hoover, showcased the titan’s immense size and power during the first three seasons. While all titans generate blasts when transforming, the Colossus Titan’s blast can be compared to a nuclear explosion.

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The Colossus Titan has immense strength but moves slowly because of its size. Despite being an easy target to find for the Survey Corps, the titan emits clouds of steam to repel and burn soldiers aiming for its nape.

As of season 4, Armin Arlett is the second and current inheritor of the Colossus Titan.

Female Titan

Female Titan in Attack on Titan
Credit: Official AOT Twitter

Don’t let her blonde locks fool you. The Female Titan is a jack of all trades.

Currently inherited by Annie Leonhart, the Female Titan can possess the abilities of the Nine Titans if she consumes a part of them. She can create crystal-like hardening like the Armored Titan and trap herself in a crystal cocoon similar to the War Hammer Titan.

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The Female Titan also controls titans to an extent by screaming like the Beast Titan. After falling for Suvery Corps’ trap in season 1, Annie escaped by attracting titans to the scene to eat her titan form.

Founding Titan

The Founding Titan is considered the strongest and most formidable of the Nine Titans.

It possesses the power to create and completely control titans at will. Unlike the Female and Beast Titan, inheritors of the Founding Titan do not have to transform to use their powers.

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As the first of all titans, It is connected to all Subjects of Ymir and can manipulate their memories and anatomies.

Eren Yeager voice actor Yuki Kaji
Credit: Yuki Kaji, MAPPA
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As seen in The Final Season Part 2, Eren, the current Founding Titan, telepathically communicated with all Subjects of Ymir, announcing his plans for the Rumbling. His variant is referred to as the Doomsday Titan.

Aside from Eren, the Founding Titan has been owned by Grisha Yeager, Freida Reiss, Uri Reiss, Uri’s father, Karl Fritz, and Ymir Fritz, the first person to possess the power of the titans.

Jaw Titan

The smallest of the Nine Titans, the Jaw Titan is known for its incredible speed and agility.

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As its name implies, the Jaw titan’s most standout feature is its hardened jaw, which can bite through man-made structures and strong materials. its bite can even shatter the crystal hardening produced by many of the other special titans.

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The titan also has sharp claws and talons, which can be used to scale buildings and slash opponents.

Falco Grice is the current inheritor of the Jaw Titan, and his variant has the unique ability of flight. Prior to Falco, Porco Galliard, Marcel Galliard, and Ymir owned the titan.

War Hammer Titan

The War Hammer Titan lives up to its name as an expert in weapon combat.

This titan produces structures and weapons out of hardened titan flesh. Unlike the aforementioned crystallization, the flesh takes on an off-white color and covers its entire body.

In The Final Season Part 1, Lara Tybur was able to pierce and suspend Eren in the air with a pillar produced out of her body. She also created spears and the iconic war hammer during their fight in Libero.

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Unlike the other titans, the War Hammer Titan can be operated remotely away from the nape. The inheritor, encased in a crystal cocoon, is then connected to the actual titan by a long cord of flesh.

While remote operation keeps the user safe, opponents can cut the cord to deactivate the titan. However, the user has the ability to create a completely new titan body.

Eren is the current owner of the War Hammer Titan. He inherited it from Lara by breaking the crystal cocoon and consuming her blood.

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