Riot is tightening up security for the alpha test of League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Apparently, a large number of users managed to gain access to the alpha test through unofficial channels, which has now forced Riot to issue a statement saying that any account that any Wild Rift account without a direct invite will be disabled.

“To be blunt: our servers and processes aren’t quite ready to handle this many of you just yet, and we can’t host a lot of new players at the cost of stability,” according to Wild Rift’s official announcement.

Before launching its deactivation plan, the developers have already warned players to avoid illegal downloads or any other methods to acquire Wild Rift on their phones. Only those with direct invites via e-mail will be acknowledged as official Alpha Testers with access to the game via Google Play Store.

The Wild Rift team promises to roll out more invites for Brazil and Philippine players until the end of the Alpha Testing which is on June 27.

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