Valorant is getting ready to welcome live audiences back to its games, at least in Korea. The VCT Korea Stage 1 Challengers playoffs will host an in-person audience at the Sangam Colosseum in Seoul, according to Riot Games Korea.

This will be the second Valorant event to have a live audience, the first being First Strike: Korea in 2020. Korea is currently one of the only VCT regions to be playing on LAN, and teams have been playing offline since the start of the Stage 1 Challengers Group Stage.

The playoffs will run from March 17 to 27 and tickets are available online.

Fans can cheer on teams in VCT Korea as they battle for a spot at Masters

Valorant VCT Korea Stage 1 Challengers Group Stage Week 2 Standings
Credit: Riot Games

Only the top six teams from the Group Stage will advance to the next phase. The Stage 1 Challengers playoffs will follow a double-elimination bracket, where teams will compete for a spot at the first Valorant Masters event of the year in Iceland.

DRX Vision Strikers, On Sla2ers, and DAMWON Gaming are pretty much a lock for the playoffs, but with six more matches left to play, the remaining three slots are still up for grabs.

Fans can look forward to various on-site events as well, including a half-time lottery event, which will take place after the post-match interview for the day concludes. Fans will stand a chance to win different goodies, such as a Valorant Challengers Korea swag kit, a limited edition Valorant mouse pad, and a cap.

On top of that, frequent visitors to the tournament venue will also have a chance to win unique gifts specially prepared by Riot Korea. Those who visit three or more times can enter a lottery for a Riot Fistbump gun buddy.

The prizes will be given out on March 29.

Tickets are now available for purchase online, starting at 8,000 won (US$6).

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