The Valorant Champions Tour is on in Asia as the VCT Korea Stage 1 Challengers Group Stage kicks off, with the top eight teams in the region competing for the six spots in the playoffs stage. 

Top Korean teams DRX Vision Strikers, DAMWON Gaming, and World Game Star will battle new up-and-coming squads like On Sla2ers (ESports Connected), Maru Gaming, Desperado, Team T5, and HolyMolly.

Here’s everything you need to know about the group stage, including the complete schedule, teams, results, and where to watch the matches live.

What is the VCT Korea Stage 1 Challengers Group Stage?

Vision Strikers Stax at Valorant First Strike Korea
Credit: Riot Games

VCT Korea Stage 1 Challengers Group Stage is the first competition of the 2022 season in Korea. It consists of three phases, the open qualifiers, the group stage, and the playoffs stage.

The group stage, or main event, will determine which six teams make it to the playoffs. The teams that advance will battle for a spot at the first Valorant Masters event of the year and earn VCT circuit points to qualify for Valorant Champions.

Only one team from the tournament will make it through the playoffs and represent Korea at Stage 1 Masters in April.

VCT Korea Stage 1 Challengers Group Stage schedule and results

Vision Strikers' k1Ng at Valorant Champions 2021
Credit: Riot Games

The group stage kicks off on February 23 and continues until March 13. Matches will be played every Wednesday through Sunday for the duration of the tournament, starting at 3:00 p.m. GMT+8.

VCT Korea Stage 1 Challengers Group Stage Standings

1stOn Sla2ers (ESports Connected)6 — 1
2ndDRX Vision Strikers6 — 1
3rdDAMWON Gaming5 — 2
4thWorld Game Star4 — 3
5thMaru Gaming3 — 4
6thHoly Molly2 — 5
7thTeam T51 — 6
8thDesperado1 — 6

Week 1

February 23

World Game Star2 — 1Team T5
DRX Vision Strikers2 — 0Desperado

February 24

Holy Molly0 — 2DAMWON Gaming
On Sla2ers (ESports Connected)2 — 1Maru Gaming

February 25

World Game Star0 — 2DRX Vision Strikers
Team T50 — 2Desperado

February 26

On Sla2ers (ESports Connected)2 — 1Holy Molly
Maru Gaming0 — 2DAMWON Gaming

February 27

World Game Star2 — 0Desperado
Team T50 — 2DRX Vision Strikers

Week 2

March 2

Maru Gaming2 — 1Holy Molly
On Sla2ers (ESports Connected)2 — 0DAMWON Gaming

March 3

Team T52 — 0Holy Molly
World Game Star1 — 2DAMWON Gaming

March 4

Maru Gaming0 — 2DRX Vision Strikers
On Sla2ers (ESports Connected)2 — 0Desperado

March 5

Team T50 — 2DAMWON Gaming
World Game Star1 — 2Holy Molly

March 6

On Sla2ers (ESports Connected)2 — 0DRX Vision Strikers
Maru Gaming2 — 0Desperado

Week 3

March 10

DAMWON Gaming2 — 1Desperado
Holy Molly0 — 2DRX Vision Strikers

March 11

Team T51 — 2On Sla2ers (ESports Connected)
World Game Star2 — 1Maru Gaming

March 12

DAMWON Gaming0 — 2DRX Vision Strikers
Holy Molly2 — 0Desperado

March 13

World Game Star2 — 0On Sla2ers (ESports Connected)
Team T50 — 2Maru Gaming

Teams that are competing in the tournament

VCT Korea Stage 1 Challengers Group Stage teams
Credit: Riot Games

You can view all the teams in the Group Stage below.

DRX Vision Strikers
Maru Gaming
World Game Star
On Sla2ers (ESports Connected)
Team T5
Holy Molly

Format of the tournament

Crazy Raccoon Bazzi at Valorant Champions 2021
Credit: Riot Games

The eight teams that advanced through the qualifiers were placed into a single group.

Instead of the traditional double-elimination format, they will compete in round-robin best-of-three matches, and the top six teams from the group will advance to the playoffs that start March 17. The bottom two will be eliminated.

Where to watch VCT Korea Stage 1 Challengers Group Stage matches live?

Cloud9 and Vision Strikers at Valorant Champions 2021
Credit: Riot Games

Valorant fans can watch the matches live on Riot Games’ official Twitch, YouTube, and Afreeca TV channels:

Valorant KRAfreeca TV
Valorant KRTwitch
Valorant KRYouTube

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