Vision Strikers continue to dominant the Korean pro Valorant scene with their 15th consecutive tournament win.

The team won Valorant First Strike: Korea, held at Jong-ro Roll Park in Seoul last week with a 3-0 sweep of TNL in the grand final.

On game one on split, TNL looked strong in the first half, but Vision Strikers were able to stage a comeback in the second half with their superior defense.

On map two, on Icebox, Vision Strikers won easily with standout performances from ‘King (k1Ng)’ Lee Seung-won and ‘Rb’ Envision. 

Their momentum continued into the third map Bind. Vision Strikers played the first two rounds fiercely, with flawless aim and an economy advantage that even earned them an Operator on Round 2.

Kim Gu-taek “stax” carried the team through several rounds with his Faultlines and Rolling Thunder. TNL’s Yeom “eKo” Wang-ryong was commendable as Reyna, but the teamwork and aggression of Vision Strikers were too much.

Two clutches in a row by “stax” sealed the third map, Vision Strikers took the series and the championship. 

“The goal was to win all competitions this year and I’m happy to achieve that,” shares Vision Strikers team captain “glow” Kim Min-so. “I’m happy to win the First Strike, the most important competition, because I’m going to try to represent South Korea on the Champions Tour next year and give a good performance. 

Credit: Riot Games Korea
Credit: Riot Games Korea

He also acknowledged TNL for showing great form during the finals, saying, “I want to thank TNL for creating a great ‘brotherly showdown’ in the final.” 

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