Riot has just released the first patch for Valorant’s Act II, which includes significant nerfs for Raze alongside the addition of Killjoy, the game’s 12th agent.

Credit: Riot Games

Raze’s offensive firepower has been weakened, with her Showstopper ultimate and Blast Pack satchels receiving damage drops.

The Showstopper equip time (activation) has been increased from 1.1 to 1.4, and quick equip time (weapon switch) has been increased from 0.5 to 0.7

Meanwhile, her Blast Pack damage has been significantly decreased from 75 to 50, which means that hitting an enemy with two of them will no longer result in an easy kill.

Raze has long been considered one of the top fraggers among the agents in Valorant, thanks to the fact that all of her abilities can do major damage. With the nerfs she received this patch, Riot may have finally answered the Valorant community’s plea that the game remain focused on gunplay, instead of agent abilities.

Along with the new changes to Raze is the addition of Killjoy, Valorant’s 12th agent. Players can finally activate her agent contract now that the patch has been released.

Valorant’s new Act Ranks have also been added into the game, so players will be able to enjoy a new competitive experience as they climb the ranks. Returning players will only need to play three ranked games to receive their Act II ranking, but new players will have to play five initial placement matches to calibrate their skill level.

Patch 1.05, likewise, included bug fixes that caused Sova’s Owl Drone to rotate slower and addressed Reyna not getting her full heal right when her overheal begins to decay.

Valorant’s new deathmatch mode is still being beta tested, and its availability will be limited to specific time periods. The first window starts on August 5.

You can read the full patch notes here.

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