After her abilities were accidentally leaked by Riot yesterday morning, prompting 100 Thieves captain, Spencer “Hiko” Martin, to immediately proclaim her a huge mistake, we know almost everything there is to know about Valorant’s 12th agent, Killjoy. Except for what she looks like.

Fortunately, Riot has now fully revealed the agent, who joins Sage and Cypher in the Sentinel class, and is described as “a genius inventor that brings the chill of the Berlin nightlife and deploys her killer tech for some potent defensive impact.”

For players that feel Cypher’s bright white outfit makes him an easier target to shoot at, wait till you see Killjoy’s neon yellow jacket:

Riot also shared some concept art that shows us what her turret looks like:

Like the rest of Valorant’s agents, Killjoy also has her own Spotify playlist.

Killjoy will be released on August 4 along with Valorant Act II.

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