In case you missed it, Valorant’s upcoming agent Killjoy was recently leaked. Riot Games accidentally released a video that showed Killjoy and her new abilities.

The leak was then picked up by 100 Thieves captain Spencer “Hiko” Martin, in which he voiced poignant concerns on how Killjoy will fit in with the current Valorant agent pool meta.

Hiko believes Riot is being hypocritical with this new agent.

“I personally think agents like this lower the skill ceiling,” he observed, “It’s pretty misleading and hypocritical.” He then cited a tweet by Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent which claimed that Valorant is more about gunplay than agent abilities.

Hiko mentioned that Raze and Killjoy are agents who rely on their abilities to get kills, which breaks the mold of competitive tactical first-person shooters.

Hiko then speculated on what the future is going to look like, comparing Valorant to Overwatch instead of CSGO. “I personally am not a fan of the way they’re doing this, I don’t think we need agents that do damage,” Hiko said.

Despite voicing his frustrations about the new direction Valorant is going in, Hiko understands that Riot decided the game has to revolve around the agents, and that they need to continue creating characters who will excite the fanbase.

Killjoy is expected to make her Valorant debut at the beginning of Act II, on August 4 after the game’s Battle Pass ends.

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