Valorant players rejoice! We are finally getting the highly requested free-for-all deathmatch mode this week.

According to the Principal Producer and Product Manager at Riot Games, Jared Berbach, Valorant’s deathmatch mode will be released in its beta phase in the next few days.

Valorant’s deathmatch mode will allow 10 players to participate in a free-for-all match that will run for six minutes, or up until someone hits the 30-kill limit. Everyone will start out with full health and armor, along with their own choice of weaponry. 

Players will respawn three seconds after each death, and will then be given an eight-second invulnerability period that dissipates after they move or shoot. The mode also excludes all agent abilities, economy, and spike-plants.

What makes Valorant’s deathmatch mode unique are the health packs and the UAV scanner. Dead enemies will drop health packs that stay in the game for 10 seconds. These health packs will restore players to full health. Meanwhile, the UAV will scan the map every five seconds and reveal everyone’s location. 

Valorant’s new deathmatch mode offers a new way for players to warm-up instead of heading towards the range and shooting bots. The game mode is designed to give players a quick, stress-free, and fun experience.

Using this new mode will also be a great way to practice your in-game mechanics since it will be a non-stop aim battle where players can peek their opponents as much as they want.

Valorant’s deathmatch mode will be made available after Act II is launched on August 5. It is being released together with a brand-new Battle Pass and the game’s 12th agent, Killjoy.

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