The Valorant agent meta plays a crucial role in determining success, and this remains true for the highly anticipated upcoming Team Deathmatch mode.

We created a Team Deathmatch agent tier list to provide players with an edge before the mode comes out on June 27 with Episode 7 Act I.

Unlike the regular Deathmatch mode, agent abilities add a new layer of strategy for TDM. Instead of purchasing abilities in the buy phase, players must wait for their abilities to cool down. Players can collect ult orbs around the map to unlock their ultimates.

After playing the new TDM mode in Riot Games’ early access server, we learned that mastering regular abilities becomes increasingly vital in reaching 100 kills. Here are the five agents that did well in our playtest.

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The best Valorant lineup from our Team Deathmatch agent tier list


Breach official Valorant art
Credit: Riot Games

Breach is the ideal initiator agent for TDM. All three maps for TDM are short and compact, making Breach’s regular abilities better than the rest. Hitting enemy agents with his Fault Line stun and Flashpoint flash will be easier and can lead to quick kills. His Aftershock fusion charge is effective for clearing corners and dealing with campers. His Rolling Thunder ultimate also covers the entire TDM map, making it an excellent tool.


Viper in the backdrop of her ultimate, Viper's Pit
Credit: Riot Games

While TDM is a faster game mode, Viper is better off playing slower and utilizing her Toxic Screen wall and Poison Cloud smoke. While her teammates roam around the map, Viper can control parts of the map, like holding the backlines and killing enemies that push through her smokes.

She can also use her Snake Bite molly to discourage enemy teams from peeking certain angles. Cutting off the enemy team will give her teammates enough time to wrap around the map. Lastly, her Viper’s Pit ultimate can be a game-changer once unlocked. If she manages to stay alive and keep her ultimate up, the enemy team will have a clear disadvantage for the remainder of the TDM game.


Neon using her High Gear ability
Credit: Riot Games

Neon’s speed can be lethal in TDM, allowing her to outmaneuver and outpace her enemies effortlessly. Instead of playing TDM like a tactical shooter, players can run and gun with Neon using her sprint and High Gear slide. Using weapons like the Frenzy, Judge, and Spectre gives Neon the edge in close-range encounters. She can get close to her opponents using her Fast Lane wall and stun her targets with the Relay Bolt. Neon’s Overdrive ultimate will garner the enemy team’s attention, giving her teammates better opportunities to get kills around the map.


Reyna Leer flashes buff Valorant patch 5.07
Credit: Riot Games

Reyna has the best duelist kit in TDM for players confident with their aim. Throwing her Leer to flash enemies will give her the advantage in aim duels. She can give her team an early kill lead by properly using her Dismiss and Devour. Dismiss will let her get to safety after a kill, and her Devour will regain her health. She can become a TDM monster with her Empress ultimate, Dismissing and Devouring the enemy team multiple times.


Valorant agent Raze
Credit: Riot Games

Raze is arguably the best agent on TDM because of her lethal tool kit. Her Paint Shells grenade will do massive damage to the enemy team. She can also get to high-ground areas using her Blast Packs and shoot enemies when they least expect it. Raze’s Boom Bot is an effective tool for clearing corners, providing valuable assistance in identifying and eliminating potential threats. Lastly, her Showstopper ultimate can lead to a multi-kill against clumped-up opponents.

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