Valorant’s in-game store and reward system are finally getting a glow-up.

When Episode 7 Act 1 is released on June 27, players will have to relearn how to unlock agents and items with the introduction of the revamped Valorant progression system.

All that time playing Valorant will now earn players more in-game items.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new progression system, including the new Kingdom credits and agent recruitment events.

How to unlock agents and items with the new Valorant progression system

Valorant Daily Rewards
Credit: Riot Games

The revamped progression system revolves around the reworked daily rewards.

Players will have to complete quests that can be found in checkpoints (diamonds). Each checkpoint consists of four charges (different sides of the diamond), and there will be four checkpoints for players to complete each day. That is a total of 16 quests to finish, and all checkpoints reset every 24 hours.

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What are Kingdom credits?

Completing daily rewards will earn players XP (experience points) and the new in-game currency called KC (Kingdom credits). These new KC can be used to purchase items in the new store.

Unrated1 progress per round won
Competitive1 progress per round won
Swiftplay1 progress per round won
Premier1 progress per round won
Spike Rush2 progress per match
Escalation2 progress per match
Team Deathmatch2 progress per match

All players can earn KC, and these points will accrue alongside the Battle Pass XP and Agent Recruitment XP. There is a 10,000 cap for KC, so players will have to spend them when they’re maxed out.

KC can be used to unlock agents from the Agents Store, agent gear, and previous Battle Pass accessories, which include gun buddies, player cards, sprays, and titles.

Agent recruitment events

Valroant Progression System
Credit: Riot Games

Instead of activating agent contracts to unlock new playable characters in Valorant, players must complete agent recruitment events.

These free event passes automatically activate the day a new agent is released, and they will remain active for 28 days. According to Riot Games’ press release, unlocking agents takes about the same amount of time as it did before with the agent contracts.

Players can still spend VP (Valorant points) to buy new agents instead of unlocking them.

If players weren’t able to unlock the agent within the event pass period, they could still pick them up in the agent store using KC, VP, or agent unlock tokens (a free reward given to new players).

All the items from agent contracts can now be earned using KC as long as you’ve already unlocked the agent. Agent gear previously included in the agent contracts can also be unlocked with the gear system. 

There are 10 agent gear tiers, similar to how agent contracts had 10 levels. Another way to unlock agent gear is to use KC, as long as you’ve already unlocked that agent.

How to unlock previous Battle Pass items?

Valorant Accessory Store
Credit: Riot Games

The best way to get items from the old Episodes and Acts is to unlock them directly from the new Accessory Store.

Accessories can only be unlocked with KC. The items in the store are randomized, and they change on a weekly basis. According to Riot Games, the store will include any accessory from every previous Battle Pass except for the three most recent BPs. The only items not included in the Accessory Store are gun and knife skins.

Check out Riot Games’ video below for more information.

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