Sentinels star Tyson “TenZ” Ngo may be ranked at Immortal 3 in Valorant, but he appears to think that he’s stuck in elo hell.

After the rank reset in Episode 4 Act III, Sentinels TenZ seemed less than satisfied with the skill level of the players he was meeting in game.

His ranked teammates were doing things that didn’t make any sense, according to the 21-year-old, making it difficult for him to get a read on the game or predict what was going to happen.

Sentinels TenZ can’t make sense of Platinum games

Sentinels TenZ Valorant Champions 2021
Credit: Riot Games

In a game on Breeze, TenZ was confused by the Toxic Screen that his team’s Viper had put down. The wall ran from Mid Nest to B Back, and failed to cut off any vision from B Tunnel when TenZ was pushing onto B site.

“Am I actually in Gold?” he asked. “Everything just doesn’t make sense and I’m getting shit on because of it.”

It’s worth pointing out that most of these players were all either high Immortal or Radiant, but the lobby apparently still felt like a Gold game to the Sentinels player.

While smurfing remains a common problem in Valorant, where higher ranked players use a lower ranked account to dominate in lower Elos, TenZ seems to find games with more skilled players easier.

“If I play at Plat level, I will never top frag,” he said. “I’ll always be like middle to bottom. It just feels like I can’t read anything. Everyone just plays so strange.”

In fact, he said that he could only play at that rank if he didn’t try to think too hard about the game. “The only way I can play is if I turn off my brain completely and just run it down,” TenZ said.

On the next round, the Jett player decided to try exactly that, sprinting straight down A Shop. Unfortunately, he ran into the crosshairs of the enemy Jett, who was holding that angle with an Operator.

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