Be sure to reach out to your squad mates who main Jett, as they might feel deeply distressed.

The Jett nerfs in the upcoming Valorant patch 7.04 have significantly impacted the game’s most popular duelist by reducing her mobility in the form of less utility.

The forthcoming patch is scheduled to launch alongside the release of Valorant’s Episode 7 Act 2, which is expected to arrive sometime next week.

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Major Jett nerfs imminent in Valorant patch 7.04

Jett in Valorant's RETAKE cinematic trailer
Screenshot by Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports
  • Dash window decreased from 12 to 7.5 seconds.

The most substantial and impactful nerf affecting Jett is her Tailwind dash window. This change was implemented to encourage players to coordinate with their team rather than relying on it solely for a fortunate escape following a firefight.

  • Activation windup increased from 0.75 to 1 second. 

This alteration also encourages Jett players to use their dash ability more thoughtfully while grounded and airborne. There will be a delay before they can ready their weapons after dashing.

  • Cloudburst smoke duration decreased from 4.5 to 2.5 seconds.

Another major hit to Jett is that she won’t be able to use her smokes to create cover for her when she enters for her team or pushes at the start of rounds on defense.

  • Updraft charges decreased from 2 to 1.

Jett can no longer create sightlines for herself by using her Updraft twice. It also denies her another escape mechanic when she’s in dangerous situations.

  • Bladestorm ultimate points increased from 7 to 9.

This change deals another substantial blow to Jett, significantly influencing her weapon economy. The adjustment was also implemented to ensure its cost aligns with similar weapon ultimates, such as Chamber’s Tour De Force and Raze’s Showstopper.

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Skye nerfs

Skye official Valorant art
Credit: Riot Games
  • Guiding Light max duration while casting was reduced from 2.5 to 2 seconds.
  • Trailblazer HP reduced from 100 to 80.
  • Seekers ultimate points increased from 7 to 8, and health decreased from 150 to 120.

Another agent who got hit by the nerf hammer is Skye. This initiator is often regarded as a versatile tool within agent compositions, offering the ability to heal teammates and pinpoint enemies through her various skills.

The developers decided to lower her abilities’ health to make it easier for enemies to deal with.

You can check out all the agent changes in Valorant patch 7.04 on Riot Games’ website.

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