Riot Games is setting its sights squarely on Jett in Valorant patch 4.08. Jett’s dash is receiving a significant nerf that has the potential to change how you play the fleet-footed Korean duelist, and depending on your playstyle, the update will either make you very happy or incredibly frustrated.

The Valorant team has been pondering an update to Jett for a while now, according to a new agent update blog, and they’ve been developing and testing dozens of prototypes for Jett’s dash.

The version that will roll out in patch 4.08 is what the developers felt was the best solution to maintain Jett’s identity while improving the health of the game.

What are the nerfs to Jett’s dash in Valorant patch 4.08?

Valorant patch 4.08 Jett's dash nerf
Credit: Riot Games

On pressing the ability key, Jett now activates a 12-second window after a short delay, where she can immediately dash on the next button press.

The delay is significant, because it means players will not be able to simply double-tap “E” to dash away, forcing them to think more carefully about when they engage Tailwind.

In addition, the Tailwind charge will be lost once the window expires, whether she dashes or not. But if she secures two kills, she can still refresh her dash. A charge meter will show up once you activate the Tailwind window, so you know whether you still have access to the ability.

When Tailwind is activated, visual cues around Jett’s legs will indicate to enemy players that she has her dash ready.

Riot wanted Jett to retain as much “aggressive power” on offense as possible, while reducing how oppressive she can be on defense with the Operator.

The changes mean that Jett can no longer hold an angle indefinitely and still remain secure in knowing that she has a quick escape.

The 12-second window increases the importance of timing, information-gathering, and team play. On defense, Jett now has to make sure that the area she’s watching is indeed where her opponent is going to push.

Valorant’s core tactical cycle centers around obtaining intel, forming a plan, and then executing it. Riot was concerned that Jett’s dash was breaking this cycle, because it allowed players to focus on reactive play instead of “intentional decision making”.

The good news is that Jett still retains her ability to make explosive plays when attacking. Players can easily activate Tailwind before pushing a site, allowing them to attack just as they would before. However, they’ll need to be careful that the dash does not expire before their team is ready to push.

Valorant Nats on Jett's dash nerf
Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/ONE Esports

Coordinated teams that work together to get a read on the enemy are less likely to feel the impact of the nerf. On the other hand, players that are used to attempting hero plays by themselves will be hit the hardest.

Several pro players have reacted positively to the news. “I think Riot Games found a way to not push the agent out of meta and still ensure she’s useable, so that’s nice!” said M3 Champion’s Igor “Redgar” Vlasov.

The nerf will go live alongside patch 4.08 when Episode 4 Act III drops on April 27. You can read the full blog post here.

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