The VCT Stage 2 Masters brought the global Valorant community together for a weekend of top-tier games, amazing plays, and more memes than we could have asked for.

The team walkouts, post-game celebrations, and in-game celebrations brought some of VCT’s funniest moments, the kind that only a LAN event could bring.

These funniest moments have played a big part in shaping the story of the game’s first international LAN event, where over a million viewers tuned into the weekend’s grand final between North America’s Sentinels and Europe’s Fnatic.

Here are 5 of VCT’s funniest moments at VCT Stage 2 Masters:

5. Version1 Vanity’s amusing cat ears

Version1’s Cinderella story made them one of the standout teams of the tournament. Another factor was the iconic cat ears that in-game leader, Vanity, wore.

Everyone got in on the cat ear action to support Version1, and there’s even a dedicated website that helps you add his trademark cat ears to your profile picture.

Version1’s walkouts included high energy cartwheels, Fortnite dances, a homage to the Purple Cobras entrance from the movie Dodgeball, and this victory dance after their first win.

4. NUTURN’s Lakia and Suggest attack Vanity’s cat ears

When Version1 fell to NUTURN, it was fitting that the Korean team put their own spin on Version1’s cat ears… by cutting them off!

NUTURN’s post-game celebration was one of the most savage clapbacks on the Reykjavik stage and clearly, one of the funniest moments at VCT Stage 2 Masters.

It was all in good spirits, of course. Version1’s Vanity, the cat ear pioneer himself, even tweeted that the bit was “one of the funniest things he’s seen.

NUTURN made South Korea proud on the global Valorant stage, which inspired the team to bust out Gangnam Style in one of their onstage walkouts!

Credit: Valorant Esports

3. X10’s Patiphan set the entertainment standard for onstage walkouts at VCT Stage 2 Masters

If you’re wondering how these shenanigans began, it actually started on Day 2 when X10’s Patiphan entered the stage like this.

The clip instantly became one of the most hilarious moments at VCT Stage 2 Masters, and set the standard for all future onstage walkouts.

Patiphan even forged an instant friendship with Fnatic’s Boaster, who both agreed to jump onto the stage at the same time before their match.

Other than impressing the world with his performance as a top player from Southeast Asia, Patiphan also entertained everyone during technical pauses with some magic tricks. 

2. ShahZam’s victory dance is one of the funniest moments

While there has been so many memorable moments in the grand final of VCT Stage 2 Masters, ShahZam’s victory dance after Sentinels pushed Fnatic into overtime stands out.

Fans also noticed that dapr was left hanging without a fist bump, ignored by ShahZam in his happiness. Missed fistbumps seem to be a recurring thing with the IGLs, as on Fnatic’s side Boaster also left Derke fistbump-less in a previous match

Unintentionally, of course.

And speaking of Fnatic…

1. Fnatic’s Boaster will make you laugh into stitches

While they might not have won the championship, Fnatic became the master showmen of the entire event, under the leadership of Boaster and his theatrics.

Fnatic’s walkouts and post-game celebrations are as eagerly anticipated as their matches. Boaster was seen out showing off BTS moves, flexing, pirouette-ing with Patiphan, doing a wheelbarrow with Mistic, and even rowing an imaginary boat.

Their post-game stints include Boaster not being allowed into a bar, a tribute to The Voice, a respectful salute to Team Liquid, and a callback to their SUMN FC roots by reenacting a Sage ult.

One of the funniest moments so far was when they sent NA team Version1 home, where they reenacted a scene within the airplane, with Boaster as the in-flight attendant.

All of these funniest moment made VCT Stage 2 Masters such a joy to watch, as fans all over the world got to know the teams better, and see the world’s top players bond over dance moves, cheers, and top-tier Valorant.

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