The Episode 7 Act 1 Battle Pass releases on June 27.

Vibrant colors is its central theme. According to Riot Games Producer Laura Baltzer, Valorant’s design team “found a lot of inspiration in color.”

The Composite skinline stands out as the highlight of the latest Battle Pass, while hidden gems are scattered throughout the collection.

Episode 7 Act 1, like the previous Battle Pass, will feature 10 gun buddies, 13 player cards, and 15 sprays. However, there are fewer weapon skins, with only 11 included, compared to the previous Battle Pass, which had 13.

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Top 3 collectibles from the Valorant Episode 6 Act 3 Battle Pass

3. Buy Me and Role Denial sprays

Role Denial and Buy Me sprays from Episode 7 Act 1 Battle Pass
Credit: Riot Games

The most notable sprays in this Battle Pass are the Buy Me spray and the Role Denial spray.

If you need help saving credits and managing your budget during the buy phase, the Buy Me spray is a perfect addition to your collection.

Using the Role Denial spray will create the impression to your team that you don’t intend to utilize your agent as intended. Nonetheless, we strongly advise you to be a team player. Teamwork makes the dream work.

2. Composite melee and gun skins

Composite melee knife skin from the Episode 7 Act 1 Battle Pass
Credit: Riot Games

The Composite skinlines have a unique sci-fi feel inspired by futuristic shapes, according to Baltzer.

“Overall, we want to continue to make our Battle Passes feel modern and fresh to give players a variety of colors and styles they can choose to build their collection with,” said Baltzer.”

The Composite skins are available for the Phantom, Stinger, Marshall, and melee.

Composite weapon skins from the Episode 7 Act 1 Battle Pass
Credit: Riot Games

1. Mind the drop player card

Mind the Drop player card from the Episode 7 Act 1 Battle Pass
Credit: Riot Games

If you’re a Valorant esports fan, you’ll want to get your hands on the Mind the Drop player card.

Riot Games honored Austin “crashies” Roberts’ remarkable highlight from Valorant Champions 2022 when he took out all five of BOOM Esports’ players in one play. 

It happened during OpTic Gaming’s opening match and was one of the most memorable plays of the VCT 2022 season.

In the 11th round on Fracture, the Indonesia team attempted to take the ropes connecting both attacker spawns to rotate quickly to the other side of the map.

The move did not go well. BOOM Esports might as well have taken a conveyor belt to the slaughterhouse, for they were met by crashies methodically tapping his Vandal.

This isn’t the first time Riot Games immortalized the hilarious play. Last year in October, Valorant had a new Easter egg on Fracture as an interactable email message found in the defender spawn.

It talks about the unfortunate death of five Everette-Linde personnel — a cheeky reference to the BOOM players.

The Valorant Episode 7 Act 1 Battle Pass drops on June 27, costing 1,000 VP.

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