Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek believes you’ll improve your headshot aim percentage if you stop using small or dot crosshairs.

The Twitch superstar streamer is convinced it comes down to the size of your crosshair.

As a five-year CS:GO veteran with exemplary aiming mechanics, the former Sentinels pro player explained on his stream why using a larger crosshair is the way to go.

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Shroud explains why dot crosshairs never worked for him

Valorant Champions 2022 Shroud
Credit: Riot Games

According to Shroud, larger crosshairs make aligning and aiming at targets easier.

“Big crosshair basically makes it so that I don’t have to think of putting it on their head,” he said. “It just goes on their head.”

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He further clarified that when he uses a smaller crosshair, he gets too fixated on hitting a perfect shot, which makes it even more difficult because of the smaller crosshair.

“If I have a big crosshair, all I’m trying to do is put my crosshair on the general vicinity of where their head is, so it isn’t a specific click,” he explained. “It’s more like where I want to land the shot, and then I just hit the shot.”

Shroud has gained a reputation for his ability to make incredibly precise shots in CS:GO. He consistently opts for a larger crosshair, favoring it over dots or smaller crosshairs.

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You can watch the full video below:

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