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Pearl can be slightly confusing. With so many twisting corridors in Mid that lead to both spike sites, it may feel like a struggle to keep track of all the possible rotations and angles an enemy could be lurking.

On attack, you’ll need to worry about multiple scenarios, such as whether opponents are pushing you from Mid or taking the long flank from the opposite bomb site.

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The right sentinel agent could make your team’s job a lot easier, providing valuable information about potential flanks and locking down choke points to deny pushes.

We’ve ranked the best sentinels to play on Pearl so you’re more prepared when you dive into your next match.

The best sentinel agents on new Valorant map Pearl ranked

4. Chamber

Valorant Chamber art
Credit: Brandon Meier

French sentinel Chamber is the hottest agent in pro Valorant right now, cutting a bloody swath through his enemies with his ability to take aggressive angles and escape instantly. He is a decent pick on just about any map, and Pearl is no exception.

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The long sightline on the approach to B site is practically a sniper’s playground, and Chamber has multiple positions from which he can lock down B Main with an Operator. He can take aggressive off angles with ease, always secure in the knowledge that he can teleport away in a second.

His Rendezvous teleporters also allow him to contest Mid early on, going for a pick from either A Art or Mid Doors and then escaping.

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Finally, his single trap is also perfect for holding Mid Doors while on defense. When triggered, opponents will be sitting ducks in the slow field for anyone watching the area.

However, he does not function as a sentinel in the traditional sense of the role. His lone trap means he will struggle to properly watch his teammates’ backs, making Cypher a far better defensive choice.

3. Killjoy

Valorant agent Killjoy in Duality cinematic
Credit: Riot Games

Killjoy’s tech can be incredibly useful on Pearl. Despite the size of the map, the German genius’s Lockdown ultimate is capable of covering the entirety of both A and B sites, allowing you to initiate an attack or retake sites easily.

At the same time, her Turret can watch long angles like B Main, allowing you to temporarily focus your attention on other areas attackers might be pushing. Alternatively, her Turret can be used to gather early information about Mid pushes while on attack.

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Her Nanoswarm grenades and Alarmbot can hold down narrow lanes at A Art or Mid Doors, dealing significant damage to opponents as they push through.

She is also well-suited to playing the post-plant, with the ability to land Nanoswarm grenades from both A and B Main.

2. Sage

Valorant agent Sage
Credit: Riot Games

Sage can find good Value on Pearl, just as she does on Split with her ability to delay pushes and deny space at Mid. Sage can use her Barrier Orb at Mid Doors when defending, cutting off a key entryway to B site and Mid Connector.

A Mid Doors wall is also potentially more effective than the one on Split, because its vertical orientation means that enemies will need to break through multiple segments to get through. When she is attacking, she can wall off Mid Connector as well, helping her team run down B Link without worrying about being pressured by defenders rotating from A via Mid Connector.

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Her wall may also prove useful on B site, allowing for a fast, early plant on the corner of the site, similar to Icebox’s B site.

And if you’re thinking of going battle Sage, the different boxes and elevation points on Pearl mean that there are plenty of wall boost spots you can use to get a jump on your opponents from an unexpected vantage point.

1. Cypher

Valorant cypher

Moroccan information broker Cypher is probably the strongest sentinel to play in underwater Lisbon. His Trapwires will prove crucial in ensuring that your team does not get flanked from one of the map’s multiple interconnected lanes.

The masked sentinel is also better at holding flanks than Chamber on this map, because he has two Trapwires compared to Chamber’s one Trademark trap. If you’re attacking, Cypher can watch for pushes from both A and B Main, whereas Chamber will have to pick between them.

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A sneaky Trapwire can also literally trip up opponents pushing through narrow choke points like Mid Doors, allowing him to find kills through his Cyber Cage.

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Finally, there are several potent spots to place his Spycam, such as on the giant archway in front of A Restaurant. His camera allows you to scout ahead for your team on attack, while gathering information on enemy rotations when defending.

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