Prepare to uncover the game-changing potential of Valorant’s unique offering — the Clove ultimate.

Clove is a controller agent that introduces a unique set of post-death abilities we’ve never seen before in a competitive first-person shooter.

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The Scottish smoker’s abilities introduce new strategic possibilities for gaining the upper hand.

To maximize their potential, it’s crucial to fully understand Clove’s capabilities before adding them to your agent pool.

Valorant controller Clove ultimate explained in detail: everything you need to know

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Clove’s playstyle sets them apart from other controller agents in Valorant by having a fearless approach to engagements because the Scottish agent can cast smokes from beyond the grave.

Once players have gathered seven ultimate points, they can trigger Clove’s ultimate ability, Not Dead Yet.

This ability lets Clove cheat death temporarily. To solidify their form, players must secure a kill or a damaging assist within 12 seconds of being revived. Failure to do so results in Clove dying once more.

After dying, you will only have three seconds to activate the ultimate. Clove won’t be able to revive after that.

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Upon activating the Not Dead Yet ultimate, Clove enters an invulnerable state similar to Reyna’s Dismiss ability.

Clove’s invulnerability lasts significantly shorter, giving the controller agent only about two seconds to seek cover.

Exiting the Not Dead Yet ultimate state leads to a half-second delay before Clove can fire their weapon.

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“Sometimes it’s correct to ultimate even if you don’t think you’ll be able to get a kill and stay within the round if it’s an important enough round for the state of the game or economy that your team wins,” said game designer Dan “penguin” Hardison.

All Clove abilities explained

You can watch Clove’s Not Dead Yet ultimate demonstration below.

Controller mains accustomed to playing defensively to support their team with crucial smokes will need to make a significant adjustment when picking up Clove.

Unlike traditional controllers, Clove’s playstyle demands a more aggressive approach, similar to a duelist’s.

Clove release date: How to unlock the new controller agent

As a Clove main, you’ll need to embrace a duelist’s mindset, actively seeking engagements while providing smoke support for your team in life and beyond death.

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