Valorant is introducing its first controller-duelist hybrid with agent 25, Clove. 

Riot Games announced that the Clove release date will be part of Valorant Episode 8 Act 2. 

Valorant map Lotus with the text of all Valorant maps in the competitive rotation
Credit: Riot Games, ONE Esports
Valorant map pool: All maps in the competitive rotation

Described as a game-changer, Clove pushes the boundaries of what a controller can do in Valorant.

Their abilities as a controller could reshape the meta of competitive first-person shooters, potentially shifting agent compositions in competitive and pro play.

Clove release date revealed

Valorant agent Clove key image
Credit: Riot Games

The Scottish controller agent’s release date is on March 26, 2024.

How to unlock Clove

In Valorant, each new agent can be unlocked through the Progression System introduced in Episode 7.

All Valorant Clove abilities explained

Players must participate in the 28-day event associated with their release to unlock a new agent. Players need to earn enough XP to unlock Clove during the event period once Episode 8 Act 2 is released.

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You can purchase previous agents for 1,000 VP or 8,000 Kingdom Points in the in-game store to unlock previous agents.

The agent unlock screen on Valorant with how players can unlock Clove on Episode 8 Act 2
Credit: Riot Games Screenshot by Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports
  • Navigate to the ‘Agents’ tab in Valorant’s in-game store.
  • Choose the agent you wish to unlock.
  • Click on the “activate contract” option.
  • Acquire 8,000 Kingdom Points to unlock an agent.
  • You can also spend 1,000 Valorant Points to unlock an agent.

Visit Riot Games’ official Valorant website for more information.

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