Taking place in Philadelphia, the Summer Jam 13 featured a lineup including eight of the best Tekken players from the Tekken World Tour. Here are our ten favorite plays from the Master tournament in Philadelphia.

Chikurin vs. Saint (Winners final)

Yuta “Chikurin” Take brought Choi “Saint” Jinwoo to Howard Estate and destroyed him on Geese’s homecourt. In the highlight play, Chikurin burns his meter to get two wall breaks and ends it with a deadly Rage Art.

Double vs. Anakin (Losers semi)

Shoji “Double” Takakubo is one of the best Marshall Law players in the world and, unfortunately, Hoa “Anakin” Luu wasn’t able to tame the dragon in the first game. Double launched Anakin into the wall and finished him with a Dragon cannon, closing out the first game with a perfect round.

The Jack-7 player later got his revenge against Double. After a few successful punch combos, Anakin quickly ducked Double’s third high kick and responded with a while-standing kick and the coveted seven golden letters.

Anakin vs. JimmyJTran (Losers quarterfinals)

Jimmy “JimmyJTran” Tran is one of Anakin’s main rivals in the USA Tekken scene. With Anakin defeating Jimmy at last year’s Summer Jam, the Bryan player proved that this year was a different story. Jimmy manages to catch Anakin in a slow-mo jump, and followed through with his original combo to finish the round.

Double vs. Saint (Loser finals)

With his lightning-fast reactions, Double was an unstoppable threat against Saint. With Saint trying to close out the round with a quick kick, Double sidestepped and instantly executed his Rage Art for the K.O.

Saint was able to make it up with an insane read later in the match. After Double brought Saint’s life to a pixel, he tried to finish him with a quick low, but Saint read the move and sent Double flying with a parry combo.

JimmyJTran vs. FightingGM (Top 8 losers)

Ariel “FightingGM” Capellan was an unfortunate victim of JimmyJTran’s taunt combos. In the next highlight, Jimmy unleashes Bryan’s fury with two taunt combos and two wall splats.

FightingGM still showed promise with his main character of Lee. In one of their last rounds together, FightingGM canceled Jimmy’s Rage Drive with Lee’s signature high counter-hit kick combo.

Qudans vs. Double (Top 8 losers)

Tekken God Son “Qudans” Byeong-mun fell into a hard outplay against Double. With both players sporting just a bit of health left, Qudans ran in for a dive, only to end up right under Marshall Law’s showboating Rainbow Flip.

Anakin vs. Saint (Winner semis)

In an intense Jack-7 mirror match, Anakin pulled out an amazing Debug that left Saint with a sliver of life. With both players on the defensive, Anakin rushed in during the last ten seconds and punished Saint’s whiff with a low punch.

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