Although Yoon “LowHigh” Sun-woong came back as the defending champion of REV Major 2019, the tournament’s Top 8 bracket was stacked with Asia’s best Tekken players. Here are our favorite plays from the Tekken Master event in Manila.

Nobi vs. JDCR (Top 8)

Daichi “Nobi” Nakayama had a Dragunov mirror match against Tekken legend Kim “JDCR” Hyunjin. With his health bar in the red, Nobi caught the dashing JDCR in a crazy Rage Drive and ended their first game with a corkscrew kick.

LowHigh vs. Gen (Top 8)

The next highlight was also an intense mirror match, with LowHigh going head-to-head with Genki “Gen” Kumisaka’s Shaheen. Although Gen eventually won the mirror match, he fell short in an earlier round. After a great juggle and wall combo, the Liquid player was just a pixel short in finishing off LowHigh. Gen immediately followed up with a low, but LowHigh easily read and blocked the move, stealing the round with a strong punish.

Rangchu vs. Eyemusician (Top 8)

Jung “Rangchu” Hyunho had a multi-character run throughout REV Major. In his match against Bak “Eyemusician” Minhyung, he pulled out Tekken’s newest DLC character Zafina and put the ROX Dragons rookie in his place. With an amazing Rage Art combo, the Amplfy player followed up with another risky, yet rewarding counter-hit combo that killed the Yoshi player.

Chanel vs. Chikurin (Top 8)

On the verge of making a comeback, Yuta “Chikurin” Take was laying some heavy punches on Kang “Chanel” Seong-ho. With both players just a punch away from a knockout, Chikurin went in with a flurry of punches. Chanel initiated his Magic-4 kick right before Chikurin’s last punch, ending the THY player’s run at REV Major.

Rangchu vs. JDCR (Loser’s QF)

This time around, Rangchu created yet another stunning play, but now with the cutesy treehugger Julia. Against the legendary JDCR, he dealt great damage at the wall, but it wasn’t enough to kill the Korean pro. With JDCR creating some distance, Rangchu courageously went in with a Lashing Arrow that counter-hit and finished the round all at once.

Gen vs. Nobi (Winner’s Final)

In this highlight play, the two Japanese players were going back and forth with their pokes. As both players went into Rage, Nobi successfully connected a kick before Gen took a risk with the Rage Art. It turns out that Nobi inputted his favorite move of Down-2 right before Gen used his Rage Art, costing him the round.

Rangchu vs. LowHigh (Loser’s SF)

Rangchu revets to his trusty Panda in his intense match against LowHigh. With his back against the wall and barely any life left, the Panda player was able to catch LowHigh in a ferocious claw string. After the string, he went straight into Panda’s Rage Art, ending the round with a booty-full wall combo.

Gen vs. LowHigh (Loser’s Finals)

Gen managed to defend his ground with his Shaheen in the Loser’s finals against LowHigh. With LowHigh now on Steve in the first game, Gen took advantage of his longer range. After two failed attempts to throw the UYU player, Gen ducked under LowHigh’s punch and destroyed him with a counter-hit hornet attack.

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