The Tekken 7 gold medal match at SEA Games 2019 saw Thailand’s Nopparut “Book” Hempaporn face off against the Phillippines’ Alexandre “AK” Laverez.

While Book and AK are known for their Jin and Shaheen respectively, both players opted for Akuma in the gold medal match.

Game one

AK had a great start to game one, taking the first round in quick fashion. While Book was able to tie up the rounds, the Filipino player quickly claimed game one with a simple jab punish.

Game two

Book started getting better reads on AK, and looked much stronger in game two. In round three, AK ended up whiffing a punch string, and Book immediately landed a demon flip combo to take the game 3-0, tying up the score.

Game three

Game three was much closer, with both players trading rounds. With the score at 2-2, Book caught AK crouching and hit him with a point-blank Hadouken to take the game.

Game four

For game four, AK decided to swap back to Shaheen. The swap immediately paid off as AK started off with a perfect round.

Book managed to even out the score, but AK was able to take a close fifth round by dodging Book’s demon flip, and landing a quick 1-2 combo as time ran out.

Game five

With the score tied 2-2, both players started game five aggressively. However, Book got the early upper hand, taking the first two rounds.

AK did his best to stay in the tournament, and landed two big counter-hit combos to take round three.

However, Book was able to finish him off in round four, landing ab overhead kick launcher, and then confirming it into a big final combo to take the series, and with it the gold.

Book wins gold for Thailand, with AK taking silver for the Philippines. Andreij “Doujin” Albar also won bronze for the Philippines.

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