Ever since its reveal during Evo 2019, Tekken fans have been dying to see the release of Season 3. Luckily enough, Bandai Namco announced through the official Tekken 7 website that the much-awaited update will drop on September 9.

Along with the update, Bandai also released a detailed video revealing what’s to come in Season 3. The launch trailer features the return of Zafina, new move-sets for all characters, and plenty of other things for Tekken fans to get excited about.

Bandai Namco also released the patch notes for all the characters and some universal game changes to ease players’ transition into the new season.

One big game-changer is the modification of wall bounds. In Season 3, you can execute wall bounds when attacking to the side of a character, making sidestepping more important in a match-up.

A top-tier character throughout Season 2 will be a bit different when Season 3 rolls around. Michael Murray, one of the producers of Tekken 7, said in a tweet that Geese Howard was getting some downgrades.

Murray later corrected himself, saying that he meant d1, one of Geese’s best Counter-hit combo starters, was losing its counter-hit potential.

For a general look at the new patch buffs and nerfs, Reddit user Armanlex made a chart showing who received the most significant changes. As you can see, Geese and other strong tournament characters like the Jins and Katarina received significant nerfs due to their already versatile move-sets.

Credit: u/Armanlex

For more details on each character’s specific changes in Season 3, you can check out Bandai Namco’s official patch notes here.

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