REV Major was and event filled with surprises that shocked both the international and Filipino Tekken scene. UYU’s strongman Sang-hyun “JeonDDing” Jeon suffered a surprise loss to Michael “Hapon” Magbanua, who was using JeonDDing’s signature main of Eddy Gordo.

Instead of playing a straight up mirror match, the UYU player pulled out his pocket character of Lucky Chloe and got business done with her high damage combos with the first game an easy win for JeonDDing.

In game two, JeonDDing was just one round away from sealing the win against his opponent, but Hapon was not ready to go to the loser’s bracket. The Bren player was able to sneak a rodeo throw, bringing JeonDDing’s life to a pixel, and finished him off with a hop kick.

With Hapon playing the Brazilian king of mix-ups, he was able to confuse JeonDDing enough to win the second game with three rounds straight. The last round ended with Hapon doing an incredible combo from the Negativa stance. On fire now, Hapon even showed off by imitating JeonDDing’s signature footwork before the deadly combo.

Hapon started game three with momentum on his side and easily got two rounds on the board by just continuing his pressure on the UYU player. Even though JeonDDing managed to score a high-damage combo in the nick of time, Hapon blocked his ending low and sent him to the loser’s bracket with a final punishing combo.

It’s interesting to note that while Hapon played extremely well, it’s also a sign that the other fighting game communities are starting to become significant contenders against South Korea’s elite players. UYU’s JeonDDing finished in ninth place while the Filipino player Hapon ended his tournament run in 33rd place.

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