Yoon “LowHigh” Sun-woong added another trophy to his collection last weekend, taking home the gold at Berlin Tekken Clash.

In the grand finals, LowHigh faced British player Kane “Kaneandtrench” Heartfield. With LowHigh sticking to his trusty main of Shaheen, Kaneandtrench opted for a counter-pick with Neegan.

LowHigh started out strong in game one, taking the first round with a hit-confirm Rage Drive into a surfboard slide.

LowHigh continued his dominance, easily dismantling Kane’s Negan with a while-standing 2 counter-hit combo.

For game two, Kane decided to switch back to his usual main of Yoshimitsu. Round one started out better with Kane ducking under LowHigh’s Rage Drive and finished him off with a punishing screw kick.

However, LowHigh adapted quickly and kept the pressure on. In the last round, he chipped away at Kane’s health with quick combos and took the game with a quick low.

Game three looked liked another one-sided affair for LowHigh, who took the first two rounds with ease. However, Kane managed to keep himself alive through a barrage of combos and pokes, taking round three.

It wasn’t enough to turn the tide however, and LowHigh capitalized on a whiffed uppercut from Kane, finishing him off with a hopkick combo to close out the match.

With the Challenger event win, LowHigh won US$500 and 150 Tekken World Tour points, keeping him at third place on the world leaderboard.

Runner-up Kaneandtrench goes home with US$250 and 100 TWT points, launching himself up to 23rd place.

The next TWT event will be the Tokyo Masters in Japan, which will happen on October 26-27.

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