The top 8 at Evo Japan 2020 included six Leroys, with Thai pro, Nopparut “Book” Hempamorn, piloting the character to victory in the Grand Final.

Following the tournament, Bandai Namco has quickly rolled out a new patch, which includes a staggering 13 nerfs to Leroy.

Most notable among them is a nerf to his orbital kick, which went from -3 on block to -8, meaning that it can now be easily jab punished.

The other big nerf is to Leroy’s one-time-use cane attack, which acts as a second Rage Drive.

The cane is now much riskier with the last hit going from +8 on block to -7.

The patch notes also indicate a “change in behavior” so it might mean that players will no longer fall down with the third hit, giving them the chance to recover and retaliate quicker.

Here’s the full list of 10.3 changes:

Credit: Bandai Namco

While the patch includes a lot of nerfs, Leroy should still remain a top-tier character. He has one of the most complete kits in Tekken 7 with an orbital, a snake-edge, a deep parry system, and a 12f counter-hit launcher.

However, this will probably not be the last of Leroy’s nerfs. After releasing the patch, Tekken producer, Michael Murray confirmed that these are just the first round of changes, and more will be on the way.

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