Along with amazing clashes and fierce comebacks, the main stage at REV Major 2019 was also the setting for a long-awaited family reunion between Daichi “Nobi” Nakayama and his “son” Jhon “SonofNobi” Dave.

Okay, the two aren’t actually related, but Jhon Dave is such a huge fan, he made his gamertag SonofNobi as an homage to the Tekken legend.

As expected, both players picked Dragunov. The match started off fast, with both players trading huge combo sequences leaving them low on life. However, SonofNobi was clearly feeling the pressure playing against his idol, and inputted his Rage Drive a bit too early, leaving him vulnerable to a wake-up kick that cost him the first round.

Nobi took the second round quite easily, but SonofNobi was finally able to make his dad proud in round three, by parrying Nobi’s down-2 and bringing him low with a big combo. Despite dropping the combo, SonofNobi managed to finish the round with a perfect Rage Drive.

SonofNobi had a few other tricks up his sleeve, but the more experienced Nobi was able to read him like a book, taking the first game with two consecutive Russian Assaults.

Nobi got off to a quick 2-0 lead in the second game, but his son was able to show off some of his moves in the last round, with a quick sidestep wall combo and a beautiful Rage Art. However, he was too low on life, and Nobi finished him off with a quick wake-up kick to take the set.

After their heartwarming matchup, the two players met offstage, with Nobi giving his “son” some pro-tips on how to play Dragunov.

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