Bae “Knee” Jaemin may have taken the VSFighting title, but there were tons of amazing highlights from the rest of the weekend. Here are some of our favorites:

Dinosaur vs LowHigh (Winners semifinals)

Local favorite, Phillip “Dinosaur” Mackenzie took Yoon “LowHigh” Sun-woong for a walk in this highlight. Although LowHigh was pressuring him fairly well, Dinosaur was able to get a well-timed counter-hit to carry the UYU player to the wall, finishing him off with a stomping combo.

Pekos vs Knee (Winners semifinals)

Although Knee dominated the match overall, Yota “Pekos” Kachi stepped into the spotlight during this incredible round. In this play, Pekos counter-hit Knee with a magic-4 kick and sent Knee to the wall for an elaborate kick combo.

Super Akouma vs Kkokkoma (Losers top eight)

Vincent “Super Akouma” Homan showed everyone how he got his name in this losers top 8 match against Kim “Kkokkoma” Mu-jong. After a massive combo, the Frenchman dodged Dragunov’s down-2 and executed an amazing jump-back hadouken to end the round.

In this next highlight, Super Akouma unleashed a devastating meter-burn combo on Kkokkoma, knocking the Korean pro out of the tournament.

Gen vs Fergus (Losers top 8)

Irish pro, Fergus “Fergus” McGee made the impossible possible in this clutch comeback with just a sliver of life left. Facing Genki “Gen” Kumisaka, Fergus executed a perfect back-3 launcher and obliterated Gen with a hammering Rage Drive.

Gen got his revenge in game three, with this beautiful back step to make Fergus whiff followed up by a quick while-standing kick to finish the match.

LowHigh vs Super Akouma (Losers finals)

In the losers finals, Super Akouma completed an amazing comeback, going all out with his EX gauge with barely any life left. He landed a crushing shoryuken that brought LowHigh to a sliver of health. Super Akouma tried to finish the round with a dive kick but missed due to LowHigh’s crouched kick. With their backs to each other, Super Akouma hastily reacted with a turnaround hadouken that perfectly hit LowHigh to take the round.

In the second game, it was LowHigh’s turn to shine, as he read Super Akouma’s wakeup kick perfectly, blocked it, and then finished him off with a wall-hit Rage Drive.

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