Let’s Make Big Moves 2020 was the official start of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competitive season and its recent upgrade to an S-Tier tournament was definitely worth the hype.

In the Grand Finals, Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada had an amazing match-up against Team Liquid’s Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby.

The reset

With a standing of 2-2, Dabuz was only a match away from getting the gold, but Nairo was an aggressive defender at the platform. In keeping Dabuz afloat, Nairo executed the perfect back-air to secure the Grand Finals reset.

Game one

Continuing his momentum from the game-changing win, Nairo and his Palutena became unstoppable. With the reset now in order, the NRG player pulled off an amazing keep-out game on Dabuz and ended the first game of the reset with an incredible jump-spike combo.

Game two

Game 2 was another dominating win by Nairo. Dabuz was having a hard time laying down his hits due to Nairo’s speedy dodges. With the Liquid player already above 100%, this prompted Nairo to jump over Dabuz’s last attack and finish him with a back-air.

Game three

For game three, Dabuz immediately switched to his other main of Olimar, the first character he played in the Grand Finals. Even though he was able to deal more damage with Olimar, Nairo already knew his gameplan.

With Olimar being a close-medium range attacker, Nairo kept going in with a spot dodge and grab combo ready. Although Dabuz was able to tie it up in stocks and percentages, Nairo zoned him out from confirming the killing smash. In just one shielded second of recovery, Nairo grabbed through Dabuz’s shield and took his last stock with a backward throw.

With his well-deserved S-Tier win, Nairo starts off his season as the top player on the PGRU ranking. Although coming in second place, Dabuz will have numerous chances to overtake his rival in the next SSBU tournament.

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