Ryusei “Ryusei” Ito may be better known as a BlazBlue pro (he’s the EVO 2017 BlazBlue: Central Fiction champion), but he also plays a mean game of Street Fighter V. On day 1 of the Taipei Major he faced reigning SFV EVO champ Benjamin “Problem X” Simon in pools.

The battle between the two EVO champs started off hot, with Problem X ending the first round by going through multi Urien projectiles using Bison’s V-trigger II Psycho Crusher move.

However, Ryusei managed to keep his composure and continued to pressure Problem X, taking the second round with a masterful anti-air into a juggle on X’s Somersault Skull Diver.

In the third round, Problem X tried a tricky cross up by stringing his Psycho Crusher into a Critical Art, but Ryusei didn’t bite on the bait which helped him close out the first game.

In the next game, Problem X defended well against Urien’s V-Trigger pressure, but a crazy scramble situation played out in Ryusei’s favor thanks to an incredibly well-placed mirror that stopped X’s EX Head Press.

In the last round, Ryusei was able to punish X’s Psycho Crusher with an Aegis Reflector and sent the EVO 2018 champ to the lower bracket in a surprising upset.

Taipei Major is currently ongoing with the finals set to take place on June 9. Watch the stream here.

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