Capcom’s Street Fighter V: Champion Editon update includes new V-skill abilities for the entire cast. Some of these abilities completely change how that character is played.

Many top pros, including Yeh “HotDog29” Man Ho, Adel “Big Bird” Anouche, Olivier “Luffy” Hay, and well-known FGC commentator Michael “IFC Yipes” Mendoza, have already started experimenting with new setups and combos using the new V-Skills.

We covered the first 23 characters yesterday, now here’s the rest of the cast.

Laura’s V-Skill II: Volty Sprink

Credit: Desk

Laura’s Volty Sprink unlocks two new air attack options. The first is an aerial projectile similar to Guile’s Sonic Dive. The second is an aerial heel kick.

The move works well with Laura’s Thunder Clap since it forces the opponent to block two separate attacks.

Lucia’s V-Skill II: Arrest Heel

Credit: SFV user JoDaBaRo/Twitter user josdabayona

A jumping knee attack that has plenty of active frames that is perfect for offense oriented players.

The move is ideal for wake-up situations after knocking down the opponent. It can also be used as a combo starter on counter hits.

M.Bison’s V-Skill II: Hell’s Warp

Credit: Yeh Man “Hotdog29” Ho
Credit: hekatonkun

Bison’s new V-skill has him teleport behind the opponent and follow up with a knee attack. The move is safe on block but is vulnerable to counters, specifically in between the teleport and the knee attack.

Yeh “HotDog29” Man Ho has already added the move to his insane repertoire of tricky V-trigger 2 setups, using it to cross up the opponent for big combos.

Menat’s V-Skill II: Soul Spiral

Credit: SFV user cakeordeath87/Twitter user CoralClover

Menat’s V-skill 2 will be familiar to any Rose mains from previous Street Fighter games as it’s exactly the same as Rose’s sliding attack and will knockdown on hit.

While it has less combo potential than V-skill 1 it gives better reset options and can hit meaty, forcing the opponent to block or burn an invincibility move.

Nash’s V-Skill II: Silent Sharpness

Silent Sharpness buffs Nash’s Scythe Kick specials so that they strike twice and deal more damage.

With Silent Sharpness, you can actually HK Sonic Scythe to kara MK scythe to EX Scythe for a sick and very flashy combo.

Necalli’s V-Skill II: Crawling Beast

Credit: Michael “IFC YipeS” Mendoza

Crawling Beast spews a slow-moving floor projectile that moves towards the opponent. On a successful hit, it crumples the opponent and leaves them open to high damage combos.

The move can be used for pressure situations similarly to Birdie’s Can or Laura’s Thunderclap. The projectile disappears after a short distance, but with an activated V-Trigger will improve its duration.

R. Mika’s V-Skill II: Pumped Up!

Credit: SFV user mikadon

Pumped Up! is a parry counter with a lunging attack after at the end.

The moves hitbox seems small and it also seems to cover a short distance and can be easily blocked even after a successful parry.

This one might need further tuning.

Poison’s V-Skill II: Cartwheel

Credit: Pocholo23

Poison performs a forward roll that is capable of crossing up opponents with her new V-skill. The roll can be finished with a followup attack that launches the opponent back.

The attack at the end of the roll can also be used for ambiguous cross-up setups.

Rashid V-Skill II: Wing Stroke

Credit: Adel “Big Bird” Anouche

Rashid’s new V-skill gives him even more mobility with a wall-jump that can be performed in mid-air.

Adel “Big Bird” Anouche has been showing off the potential of the move, using it as a link to extend combos. It’s also very good for baiting and countering Dragon Punches.

Ryu’s V-Skill II: Thrust Strike

Credit: Desk

Ryu’s new V-skill adds a follow-up Thrust Strike after a successful parry. It can also absorb an incoming attack and strike a second time.

Desk has been showing how to use it for combos as the counter hit puts the opponent in a juggle state which can be extended with a V-Trigger activation.

Sagat’s V-Skill II: Hanuman Charge

Hanuman Charge is similar to Sagat’s first V-Skill Angry Charge. But, instead of buffing his Tiger Uppercut, Hanuman Charge buffs his Tiger Knee.

The move improves damage and stun output, along with building up a generous amount of V-gauge.

It also improves juggle opportunities, giving Sagat access to combos that can only be performed with an enhanced Tiger Knee.

Sakura’s V-Skill II: Haru Hayate

Credit: Desk

Sakura’s Haru Hayate is a forward roll that can be transitioned into a knee attack that keeps the opponent in a juggled state.

Desk has been using the move with Sakura’s Senpu V-Trigger, which gives the player more opportunities to keep their opponents in a juggled state.

Urien’s V-Skill II: Indignant Thunder

Credit: Desk

Urien’s new V-skill buffs his next fireball attack. The projectile will go from being very large to normal size as it travels across the stage. On an immediate hit, the projectile will land three hits and launch the opponent.

The move works perfectly well with Urien’s Aegis Reflector V-Trigger, which keeps the opponent in a continuous juggled state.

Vega’s V-Skill II: Matador Flip

The Matador Flip is a backflip that transitions into a forward kick. The move can be linked to a slide or even a Vega’s Critical Art in certain situations.

It can be used as a zoning tool or even as a dodge attack when timed correctly.

Zangief’s V-Skill II: Super Russian Kick

Credit: Desk

Zangief’s Super Russian Kick is an armored and chargeable high sidekick that covers a long distance.

When fully charged and landed successfully, the opponent will be wall bounced. The move can also be canceled with a backlash to bait opponents in.

Zeku’s V-Skill II: Kuchiyose – Shii (Old form) Kuchiyose – Bii (Young form)

Credit: SFV user bouzuBoy/Twitter user yaysu__0925

The Kuchiyose – Shii (Old form) summons a ferret that performs a flying kick, while the Kuchiyose – Bii (Young form) summons a bird that drops bombs.

Both abilities are perfect for unexpected attacks and combo extenders.

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