The first day of the Taipei Major was action-packed with upsets and amazing plays throughout the day.

Ryusei vs Hotdog29 (Top 48)

Ryusei “Ryusei” Ito already showed off how well he knows the Urien-Bison matchup earlier in the day, but this round against Yeh “Hotdog29” Man Ho was absolutely nailbiting.

Yoro vs Renyoh (Pools)

Is this Wu “Yoro” Wei-Hao or Punk playing Karin? Check out this sick shimmy V-reversal punish.

Daimon vs Shuto (Pools)

Shin “Daimon” Chen-sheng landed a clutch Dhalsim teleport cross up to end out the set.

Saisak vs Sarz (Pools)

This amazing comeback from Wong “Saisak” Hin Chung was capped off by a stylish Critical Art finish.

Xian vs NL (Pools)

Kun “Xian” Ho seems to have been training hard because he was dazzling all day with some interesting new Ibuki tech. Check out these ridiculous Fuma Shuriken V-trigger mix-ups.

Xian vs NL (Pools)

From the same match, Xian showed a different variation of the V-trigger mix up, performing an instant overhead on his opponents wake up.

Asiagodtone vs Itazan (Pools)

Asiagodtone is a famous Taiwanese streamer and he certainly knows how to entertain, coming in full Birdie cosplay for the tournament. He’s not bad either, even managing to take one game against Hiromiki “Itabashi Zangief” Kumada.

Dayao vs Yujix (Pools)

Dayao showed off an amazing Urien set up with the Aegis Reflector by moving his downed opponent right underneath it, making it virtually impossible to block.

RB vs Problem X (Top 48 Losers)

Benjamin “Problem X” Simon seemed to be having trouble with Uriens all day, as Kao “RB” Arubi managed to take the first set against him in losers top 48.

Xian vs Fujiura (Top 48 Winners)

Xian continued to make our heads spin with these unbelievable cross-ups. Even the game didn’t know which way he was facing as he threw a jab on the wrong side.

Fujimura vs Xian (Top 48 Winners)

However, in the same match, Fujimura “Fujimura” Atsushi proved that Xian’s mixups aren’t completely unstoppable, as he was able to block Xian’s incredible instant overhead into Fuma Shuriken cross up by crouch blocking low, and then even punishing Xian with his own V-trigger.

The Taipei Major continues today with the top 16.