Capcom Pro Tour number one ranked player, Victor “Punk” Woodley, is looking for a new team after being released by Team Reciprocity earlier this week.

Team Reciprocity founder and president, Chad Larsson, also announced that the organization will not be competing in Street Fighter in 2020.

Instead, the team will be focusing on other esports leagues, including Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege, Gears of War, Apex Legends, and Crossfire.

Punk signed with Team Reciprocity back in October 2018. Last year, he won four CPT premier events: Final Round, The Mixup, Combo Breaker, and First Attack, and was the runner-up at the Capcom Cup, losing to iDom in the grand finals.

The Capcom Pro Tour 2020 starts this year with the Brussels Challenge on March 20-22.

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