After the conclusion of the Capcom Cup, Street Fighter V producer, Yoshinori Ono, and professional wrestler, Kenny Omega, took the stage to unveil Seth, the newest addition to the Street Fighter V: Champion Edition roster.

The trailer revealed the return of the Street Fighter IV final boss, with a new synthetic female body (after his previous male body was destroyed at the end of Street Fighter IV).

The trailer showcased both of Seth’s V-Skill abilities: Tanden Engine and Tanden Booster. With Tanden Engine, Seth can copy the moves of other characters on the fly. After a successful punish, the Tanden Engine will vacuum a skill for Seth’s usage. Unfortunately, you can only use the skill once before having to steal it again from your opponent.

Tanden Booster works as additional momentum to Seth’s pre-existing moves. With the Booster, Seth can dash in from a full screen away. During the dash, players can input a pre-existing move to modify it for a heavier hit. For example, Seth’s Hecatoncheires rapid punches turn into Hecatoncheires Glide, a safe-on-block move that helps you initiate mix-ups.

Seth also has two V-triggers that add to her chaotic playstyle. Tanden Ignition allows Seth to use teleporting follow-ups to not only her special moves but even to her stolen moves. It is now possible to go from Ken’s Dragon Punch into her Mad Spin for a whopping 14 hits.

Her second V-trigger is Tanden Maneuver, a projectile sphere of energy that can easily juggle an off-guard opponent. Seth also has the ability to make the sphere explode, launching its recipient upward. If the opponent blocks, Seth can gain a significant (as high as plus-nine) frame advantage for a quick follow-up.

Last, but not least, Seth’s Critical Art is Tanden Destruction. In Tanden Destruction, the Tanden Engine goes into overdrive and sends an energy sphere to the opponent that will send them flying to the wall. If Seth has V-Trigger 1 active, the move will overclock into Tanden Extreme, a diabolical move that summons another Seth for maximum damage that leads to the victim splatting against the screen.

Seth will be joining Street Fighter V: Champion Edition on February 14, 2020.

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