Well-known Seth specialist, Lee “Poongko” Chung Gon, is hard at work training in SFV now that Seth has been released for the game.

In a recent online ranked stream, Poongko matched up against a Menat player.

Despite being behind on life, Poongko landed a counter-hit, leading to a target-combo that ended with Seth’s V-Skill I Tanden Engine allowing him to steal Menat’s Soul Sphere special move.

Poongko then unleashed an absolutely insane 44-hit combo utilizing Menat’s own stolen sphere against her, ending it all with a Critical Art.

We’re happy to see Poongko playing Seth once again, and we’re sure this isn’t the only tech he’s been training. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Poongko’s Seth when the Capcom Pro Tour starts next month.

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