It’s been five years since the release of Street Fighter V in 2014 and while the game already features a fascinating diverse cast, some based on real-world champions, the incredibly-detailed stages where the bouts play out also deserve a closer look.

If you fancy yourself a massive fan of the game, perhaps it’s time to book a round-the-world ticket to check out these awesome locations, and when there, maybe do a cool fighting pose for a memorable picture.

Without further ado, here are the different stages and their real world locales.

  • Bustling Side Streets was the debut stage of Street Fighter V back in 2014 and appears to be based on the many different markets in Hong Kong, specifically the party district of Wan Chai.
  • English Manor is British MI6 secret agent Cammy’s stage but she might have to double check her geography as the design looks similar to Castle Lichtenstein in Swabian Jura, Germany.
  • Hillside Plaza is one of the easier spots to recognize as it is clearly based on Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro favela districts. The shanty town cascading downhill with narrow roads is a clear giveaway. Instead of the Christ the Redeemer statue in the background though, you get what looks like the Fifa World Cup Trophy. There’s also a copy of the famous Escadaria Selarón staircase on the right.
  • Kings Court is one of the most iconic stages in Street Fighter history because of the image of the reclining Buddha statue. This statue can also be found in Thailand’s Ayutthaya Historical Park in Bangkok.
  • Suzaku Castle is where Ryu grew up and trained in as a child. It is based on Matsue Castle in the Shimane Prefecture of Japan. Fun fact: it is one of the few castles left standing in Japan in its original form (and is not a modern concrete reconstruction).
  • Temple of Ascension is Capcom’s rendering of a ruined Todaiji Temple in Nara City of Japan. The Temple has plenty of Buddhist statues and is a recurring stage previously seen in Street Fighter IV as “The Old Temple”.
  • High Roller Casino brings in the glitz and glamour to Street Fighter V, and it’s based on Las Vegas luxury hotel and casino, The Golden Nugget found on Fremont Street.
  • City in Chaos is set in the busy streets of New York City. The notable landmark in this stage is the Charging Bull found on Wall Street, and it is on flatbed truck being transported, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly where in New York this stage is based.
  • Union Station is set in the busy train station of London, the capital of England, specifically Victoria Station. Notable landmarks can be seen in the stage such as the red telephone box iconic to London, the Queen’s Guard seen rustling in the background, and the Little Ben clock dead center of the train station. Eagle-eyed viewers have also spotted that the cities and towns on the departures/arrivals board lists feature railway stations with direct links to London’s Victoria Station.