Taking place in Shanghai, PPL Fight Masters 2019 was stacked with incredible Street Fighter V players. But after two days of high-level action, Hong Kong player Yeh “Hotdog29” Man Ho outlasted all competitors to win his first-ever Capcom Pro Tour Premier event.

Hotdog29 bested Japanese newcomer and one of the remaining Zangief specialists, Kichipa-Mu, in a thrilling best-of-three Grand Final match with his M. Bison and took home 700 points and US$7,000. He’s currently now ranked nine in the CPT.

Hotdog29 set the tone of the match by taking the fight to Kichipa-Mu. He put the pressure on Zangief by constantly attacking and not letting Kichipa-Mu establish his own pressure and grappling game.

The first set was won by Kichipa-Mu after multiple scramble situation worked in his favor.

Hotdog29 quickly answered back by winning two hard-fought rounds while showcasing his superb M. Bison combo execution.

Hotdog29 continued to push forward with his unrelenting M. Bison pressure and won his second set by bullying Kichipa-Mu in the corner.

Kichipa-Mu was unable to make the proper adjustments and was forced to play defensive during the final round. Hotdog29 took full advantage of this and immediately trapped and dismantled his opponent in the corner to finish with a Perfect.

Kichipa-Mu won US$3,000 and 300 CPT points, moving him up to 27th place with 430 total points.

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