After announcing Street Fighter V: Champion Edition during the Capcom Pro Tour NA Regional Finals, Capcom has been slowly rolling out all the new V-Skill II features for different characters on their official Twitter page.

Let’s go through eight new V-Skill II abilities that have been revealed so far.

Ryu: Thrust Strike

Ryu’s V-Skill II is a parry ability that is oddly similar to his first V-Skill.

The difference is that Thrust Strike is an attack that has a parry mechanic on start-up. This means any attacks that hit Ryu once the move is done will be parried, giving Ryu more corner carry. Players can activate their V-Trigger to extend their combos, but the move has no mix-up capabilities.

Ken: Ryusenkyaku

Ken’s new V-Skill II is called Ryusenkyaku — an overhead cartwheel that can be used to jump over projectiles. The move can begin and end a combo if needed. When fully charged, the Ryusenkyaku will grant players frame advantage on block. This means its a viable opening attack during clutch situations.

The move is also reminiscent of Sean’s Ryuubi Kyaku attack from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

Juri: Fuha Enzan

Juri’s V-Skill II is called Fuha Enzan. It is a short slow-moving projectile that she can store, similar to her other projectiles. The fireball can be used as a mix-up option after a hard-knockdown and can be used as a combo extender.

Cody: Crime Sway

Crime Sway is similar to Ryu’s V-Skill II, but a bit more complicated. The dodge can be performed high or low and can be finished with a Wrench First or Lumbar Sweep.

Crime Sway is a very quick move which gives it more versatility. It has the potential to swing the momentum of the round at any given point.

Poison: Cartwheel

Poison’s Cartwheel can switch sides that is useful for dodging attacks that have longer start-ups. This is going to be a handy tool for Poison since she is a keep-away character and Cartwheel will make her much more mobile.

Blanka: Shout of Earth

Blanka’s Shout of Earth is an attack that similar to Necalli’s Ground Pound. The longer the attack is charged, the more ground it covers. It can be canceled to fake out opponents, as well as to extend combos since the fully charged version is an air launcher.

Alex: Overchain

Alex has the most interesting new V-Skill IIs out of the ones that have been released so far. His V-Skill II is called Overchain and it allows players to link special moves together. This is going to make opponents think twice about punishing his special attacks.

Kage: Sekieiken

Kage’s V-Skill II was recently released and it is the most intriguing one out of the lot. It is called the Sekieiken and it has two versions. The first one is a short overhead attack that covers a small distance. But once V-Trigger I is activated, it becomes a quick air-dive attack that will cover so much of the opponent’s hitbox.

Expect more V-Skill II ability reveals next week, as the Capcom Cup 2019 approaches its December 13-15 event dates.

Street Fighter: Champion Edition will be available on February 14, 2020 for the PlayStation 4 and Windows PCs.

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