Capcom has announced the return of the Golden Shadaloo Soldier challenge for Street Fighter V, which is set to take place from October 4-6.

Players will be given the chance to earn 5,000 Fight Money (FM) if they manage to defeat the Golden Shadaloo Soldier.

For those who are unfamiliar, Fight Money is the in-game currency in Street Fighter V and it is what players use to unlock new characters, skins, stages, and audio tracks in the game.

The Golden Shadaloo Soldier first debuted back in January 2018, and appeared again in September that same year with players given just three tries to defeat the Golden Shadaloo Soldier AI.

It is unclear if the same mechanic will be in place for this weekend’s challenge, but we do know that each attempt will cost players 1,000 FM and each win will earn players 5,000 FM. Players will need to fully deplete the soldier’s health bar, they cannot win through timeout.

Last year’s Golden Shadaloo Soldier challenge
Credit: EventhubsFGC

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