The upcoming 2019 World Championship for popular “soc-car” game, Rocket League, will be held in Madrid, Spain.

The world’s best teams will compete for the Rocket League Championship Series trophy and a prize pool of over US$1 million at the Palacio Vistalegre on December 13-15, 2019.

According to Ian Nawakowski, Rocket League’s Esports Community Manager, more details will be revealed on Twitter in the coming weeks.

This event is one of two highly anticipated tournaments for Rocket League. The other is the recently confirmed Intel World Open, which will feature Rocket League as a showcase competition for the Olympic Games 2020 (along with Street Fighter V).

For Rocket League fans who want to watch the action on Day 1 of the Rocket League World Championship, they can start following from October 5, when the North America RLCS League Play begins. European teams will start their matches on October 6.

More details on RLCS League Play and the Rocket League World Championship can be found here.

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