Ever seen an Overwatch team play with near-perfect coordination? The US Army esports Twitter recently uploaded one of its Overwatch matches and it showed how eerily precise they are.

In the video, two Overwatch players for US Army Esports — Czarcas7ic_OW and Mage_Overwatch, playing D.Va and Symmetra, respectively — pulled off a seemingly impossible stunt that require a high-level of coordination and precision control.

In case you aren’t quite clear on what’s happening, D.Va sets her mech to self-destruct, while Symmetra sets up a Teleporter pad near the enemy and next to the about-to-explode mech. The teleportation, in this case, automatically happens instantly and the opposing players have no chance to dodge the blast from the mech.

Playing with such precision should be a cakewalk for trained military personnel. Hopefully, we’ll see more of such cool plays in the future. Interestingly, the US Army Esports Overwatch team is still looking for more recruits.

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