Overwatch may finally be ready to introduce its 32nd hero — and it might not be who we originally thought it was going to be.

The game’s social media channels posted this mysterious entry from the “Personal Log” of Dr. Mina Liao, one of the six founding members of the Overwatch task force:

The message focuses on Dr. Liao’s optimistic musings on her latest project, mentioning the success of the “Athena prototype” as a precursor to her new endeavor.

Towards the end, the entry makes it clear that the researcher is committed to advancing a crucial change in the way people view omnics.

“Why can’t we see that artificial life is still fundamentally life?” Liao asks. “There is still so much to do, but I have to try to show the world a better way, before it’s too late.”

The enigmatic snippet suggests that a new AI-driven character will soon join the ranks of Overwatch’s playable heroes. Everything else is left to speculation, though. 

Does the mention of the “Athena prototype” imply that the game’s narrator could soon take the form of an active combatant? 

Could it be another robotic Overwatch member — Echo — whose debut is expected much later when Overwatch 2 is released?

Or could it perhaps be Dr. Liao herself? After all, the game’s former lead writer Michael Chu did confirm that there’s “more to come” with this “important character”:

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