Global basketball esports tournament fans have something to look forward to next month, as the NBA 2K League has revealed that London will be host its upcoming European Invitational.

The event, set for December 13-14, will be the primary platform for European players to compete and qualify for the NBA 2K League Draft. 20 players from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom will compete in scrimmages and a double-elimination tournament.

Through the European Invitational games, a committee comprising league representatives and team managers will identify several players who can be eligible for the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft. 

“We are excited to bring together the best NBA 2K players from across Europe for our first-ever European qualifying event,” said Brendan Donohue, NBA 2K League Managing Director. “After last season’s successful APAC Invitational, it is important for us to further strengthen our player pool.”

Like the proper NBA drafts, the NBA 2K League has appointed representatives to serve as scouts during the European Invitational. This includes Cody Parrent, Senior Director of Esports Operations and Head Coach for Indiana Pacers Gaming; Jeff Terrel, Head Coach of Philadelphia 76ers GC and NBA 2K League Coach of the Year; and Harry “HazzaUK” Hurst (UK), NBA 2K League Center for New York Knicks Gaming.

Those keen to tune in for the NBA 2K League European Invitational can livestream the double-elimination tournament on NBA 2K League’s Twitch and YouTube channels.

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