The M2 World Championship has wrapped up its second day, and KarlTzy has already given us a candidate for best play of the tournament with an incredible savage against Japanese team 10s Gaming Frost.

In the second game of their match, KarlTzy locked in his comfort pick, Lancelot.

Bren opted to draft three support heroes with Mathilda, Pharsa, and Kaja to assist the Lancelot pick who is up against the offensive-heavy lineup of 10s Gaming Frost.

The whole game was pretty much in favor of Bren Esports as they were leading in gold and kills all throughout the match. It was at the nine-minute mark when three members of Bren Esports bumped into the four members of 10s Gaming Frost in the Lord pit. 

The Japanese squad immediately took down one member of Bren Esports, only leaving KarlTzy’s Lancelot and Ribo’s Pharsa in the team fight. In a surprising turn of events, Bren Esports was able to turn the fight around and killed four members of the 10s Gaming Frost with ease. 

KarlTzy, who was also hailed as the MVP of the Year at the MPL-PH Annual Selection last year, immediately went for 10s Peco who was now fleeing after being late in the team fight. KarlTzy got the kill and the first-ever savage at the M2 World Championship.

With the devastating teamfight, Bren Esports pulled away even more and they eventually picked up the victory with a lopsided 23-2 score. 

KarlTzy finished the game with 13 kills, 0 deaths, and four assists, earning MVP honors for the game.

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