Meet the new king of kings in Brazil.

Powerhouse team RRQ Akira swept the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Brazil Season 2 playoffs after a perfect 4-0 series against DreamMax e-Sports. Impressively, the team did not drop any game in the upper bracket, going 3-0 against Imperial Esports in the semifinal and DreamMax e-Sports in the upper bracket final.

RRQ Akira’s impressive MPL BR Season 2 campaign

MPL BR Season 2 new team, RRQ Akira announcement

RRQ Akira, composed of players from MPL BR Season 1 champion Red Canids and second place Keyd Stars, showed their chemistry in the Land of Dawn after going 10-0 in the playoffs.

DreamMax e-Sports fought tooth and nail against Omega Esports in the lower bracket to secure a grand final slot.

The grand final series was a lopsided affair for RRQ. In the first game, Gustavo “Gustalagusta” Da Costa Lima performed exceptionally well with Clint, scoring an 8/1/9 KDA on a 23-10 kill score.

Gustalagusta maintained his dominant performance in the second game. Using Beatrix, He was able to get an 8/1/7 KDA using only Renner and Nibiru throughout the match. A Beatrix triple kill in the midlane at the 13-minute mark was all it took for RRQ to get the comfortable 2-0 lead.

RRQ Akira’s jungler Lucas Felipe “Kiing” Godoy was the standout for game three with his Baxia jungle play that had a spectacular 5/0/7 KDA. Using the Demon Slayer emblem that was popular in MPL PH, he was able to secure most of the objectives in the early to mid-game to give the other members of RRQ the gold advantage.

Matheus Vieira “Seigen” Lima’s Cecilion closed out the series at just 12 minutes after snowballing early in the game, eventually finishing with a 7/1/11 KDA, the biggest contributor to the one-sided 22-9 kill score.

Aside from winning US$12,000, RRQ Akira, along with DreamMax e-Sports, will represent Brazil Liga Latam Season 2, MLBB’s western regional tournament outside of Southeast Asia.

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