In just a few hours, we’ll witness the best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in Brazil clash once again in the Land of Dawn.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Brazil Season 2 (MPL BR Season 2) will kick off later at 5 p.m. GMT-3. This season will feature new teams, such as Sons E-Sports, Beezeekay, and RRQ Akira.

Here’s everything you need to know about the tournament, including the complete format, schedule, and where to watch.

What is MPL BR Season 2?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Brazil (MPL Brazil logo)
Credit: MPL Brazil

MPL BR was the first-ever MPL to be established outside Southeast Asia. This MPL BR Season 2, eight teams, five of which fought for a season slot in qualifiers, will compete to become the second MPL champion in Brazil.

The tournament consists of two phases: the regular season and the playoffs. The winner of the tournament will take home majority of the US$30,000 prize pool, and will be directly invited in the upcoming Liga LATAM 2022.

MPL BR Season 2 format

All the games during the regular season will be played in a single round-robin, best-of-three matches. The top six teams at the end of the regular season qualifies to the playoffs.

In the playoffs, the bottom four teams will compete in a single-elimination match in the first round, while the first and second place will immediately proceed to the second round.

All matches in the playoffs are best-of-five, except for the grand final, which will be played in a best-of-seven format.

DreamMax e-Sports5 – 09
RRQ Akira4 – 15
MooM E-Sports3 – 21
Zodiacs Esports2 – 21
Omegha Esports2 – 20
Imperial Esports1 – 3-3
Sons E-Sports1 – 4-6
Beezeekay0 – 4-7

MPL BR Season 2 schedule

MPL BR Season 2 new team, RRQ Akira
Credit: ONE Esports

Week 1

March 11 (Friday)

Sons E-Sports0 — 2RRQ Akira
DreamMax e-Sports2 — 0MooM E-Sports

March 12 (Saturday)

Beezeekay0 — 2Omegha Esports
MooM E-Sports2 — 1Imperial Esports

March 13 (Sunday)

RRQ Akira0 — 2DreamMax e-Sports
Zodiacs Esports2 — 0Sons E-Sports

Week 2

March 18 (Friday)

Omegha Esports2 — 1MooM E-Sports
Imperial Esports1 — 2RRQ Akira

March 19 (Saturday)

Zodiacs Esports2 — 0Beezeekay
Sons E-Sports0 — 2DreamMax e-Sports

Week 3

March 25 (Friday)

MooM E-Sports2 — 1Zodiacs Esports
DreamMax e-Sports2 — 0Imperial Esports

March 26 (Saturday)

RRQ Akira2 — 0Omegha Esports
Beezeekay1 — 2Sons E-Sports

Week 4

April 1 (Friday)

Beezeekay0 — 2MooM E-Sports
Omegha Esports1 — 2DreamMax e-Sports

April 2 (Saturday)

Sons E-Sports1 — 2Imperial Esports
Zodiacs Esports0 — 2RRQ Akira

Week 5

April 8 (Friday)

DreamMax e-Sports2 — 0Zodiacs Esports
RRQ Akira2 — 0Beezeekay

April 9 (Saturday)

MooM E-Sports2 — 0Sons E-Sports
Imperial Esports2 — 1Omegha Esports

Week 6

April 15 (Friday)

Imperial Esports2 — 0Beezeekay
Omegha Esports0 — 2Zodiacs Esports

April 16 (Saturday)

MooM E-Sports0 — 2RRQ Akira
Beezeekay0 — 2DreamMax e-Sports

April 17 (Sunday)

Zodiacs Esports2 — 1Imperial Esports
Sons E-Sports0 — 2Omegha Esports


April 29 (Friday)

Zodiacs Esports1 — 3Omegha Esports
MooM E-Sports0 — 3Imperial Esports

April 30 (Saturday)

DreamMax e-Sports3 — 1Omegha Esports
RRQ Akira3 — 0Imperial Esports

May 1 (Sunday)

RRQ Akira3 — 0DreamMax e-Sports
Imperial Esports3 — 2Omegha Esports

May 2 (Monday)

DreamMax e-Sports3 — 1Omegha Esports
RRQ Akira4 — 0DreamMax e-Sports

Competing teams

Out of the eight participating teams, RRQ Akira, DreamMax e-Sports, Sons E-Sports were directly invited. The remaining five fought in the qualifiers to secure a slot.

RRQ AkiraDirect invite
DreamMax e-SportsDirect invite
Sons E-SportsDirect invite

MPL BR Season 2 qualifiers winners

Zodiacs EsportsChampion
Imperial EsportsSecond place
BeezeekayThird place
Omegha E-sportsFourth place
MooM E-SportsFifth place

Where to watch the tournament?

MPL BR Season 2 commentators Holyzera, Chris Shang, and Enrique CB.
Credit: Moonton

All the games will be streamed live on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s official media platforms:

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