Moonton Games recently introduced the new Aurora in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch 1.8.56, causing a significant stir in the MLBB community.

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The Maiden of the Glacier is the only hero in the game who can freeze turrets with her ultimate, Frigid Glacier. She also has a built-in Immortality with her passive, Pride of Ice.

Despite the hero’s surge in popularity, becoming a highly contested pick in ranked games, RRQ content creator and former professional player Muhammad “Lemon” Ikhsan shares a different viewpoint.

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In his latest YouTube video, the star midlaner delves into the intricacies of the revamped hero, sharing his thoughts on Aurora’s distinctive kit and its impact on the game.

This is what RRQ content creator Lemon thinks of the new Aurora in Mobile Legends

RRQ Hoshi's Muhammad "Lemon" Ikhsan
Credit: ONE Esports

Before Aurora’s release, Lemon expressed optimism about her revamp, anticipating her potential to become an S-tier hero based on the hero spotlight and advanced server previews.

However, upon playing her on the official server, he now harbors reservations about her kit.

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“Maybe I won’t put (Aurora) in S-tier. I don’t think this hero is actually that overpowered,” he remarked. “The problem is that the passive cooldown is long, and the damage does not burst enough. It’s more like poke. Semi-Yve maybe, but a short distance.”

Lemon also highlighted the hero’s reliance in team compositions, noting that she can thrive with the right teammates. “Maybe if [played together] with Tigreal, it’s better to catch [enemies] using skill 2,” he added.

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Despite his critiques, Lemon commended the changes, acknowledging that the hero is enjoyable to use and can relate to her popularity in ranked games.

According to MLBB stats, Aurora currently holds the 12th spot in overall hero popularity across all ranks, boasting a 1.84% pick rate. She is also the third most banned heroes in ranked at 49.38%.

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